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What to Photograph in Colorado

Colorado has been my home for the past 20 years. Having had the chance to travel all over the USA for photography and other personal and professional needs, every time I would come back to Colorado, I would tell myself that there is simply not a better place to live and be. The Centennial State is remarkable in so many ways, that the more I explore it, the more I fall in love with it. Here in Colorado, we have everything from the stunning mountain views of the Rocky Mountains to canyons, plains and deserts – a truly rich and diverse land. Without a doubt, it is a photographer’s paradise. Having been photographing in Colorado for over 10 years now, I decided to show some of its beauty through pictures and hopefully give you an idea about what locations you should visit.

If you don’t know much about Colorado, I would recommend to check out this article, which gives quite a bit of information about the state. Colorado is one of the few rectangular states on the map of the USA and it is part of the Four Corners region. That’s right, due to the way that the state borders were cut, Colorado represents the north-eastern part of the “quadripoint“. This means that if you travel to our extreme south-western part of the state, you could be standing on four states (Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico) at the same time! How cool is that? Well, that’s an interesting fact about Colorado and we have many other great ones like that. For example, did you know that we get more than 300 days of sun on average, making us a sunnier state than the state of Florida? Yes, contrary to what people think about Colorado, we actually have a lot of sunny days in a year, so we have fewer people who suffer from depression and other weather-induced issues. With so much sun, we have quite a lot of days with rich or pale blue skies:

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