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What’s My Camera Gear for Real Estate Photography?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Real estate photography can be quite gear-intensive, especially compared to some other photographic genres. Finding the best camera equipment for your real estate workflow can make the difference between delivering great quality images to your clients, and having to spend a lot of extra time on post-processing. In this guide, I’ll break down the gear I’ve found works best for residential and commercial real estate photography.



Typical real estate shoots don’t require a ton of resolution – in fact, most basic uses like social media, flyers, and MLS listings only require a few megapixels worth of resolution. This makes most cameras a viable option. However, beyond straight megapixels, a newer, full-frame camera offers a number of benefits to real estate uses.

A newer camera will typically have a sensor with better dynamic range performance. This can make it easier to recover the highlights from overexposed windows, without having to resort to HDR bracketing or blending flash exposures. While you can check the statistics on sensor performance, as a rule of thumb, most cameras released within the past 5 years should have competent dynamic range performance.