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Photographing Chile and Argentina

Sometimes you get to choose your holiday destination, sometimes circumstances choose it for you. I’ve had quite a lot of the latter over the years. Whenever my wife (a university professor) has a conference or research trip somewhere interesting, she tries to keep my wanderlust satisfied by tagging a holiday onto it. This was the case for our second trip to Chile a few weeks ago, though with the added bonus of visiting Argentina as part of the trip. I’m usually happy to revisit scenic places, since you’ve then got a more idea of which places are interesting, and what places you could shoot better.

Chile and Argentina #1

NIKON D850 @ 24mm, ISO 80, 1/500, f/4.0

And on this occasion the primary camera had changed to the Nikon D850, with my D800 now officially the second body. Having said that, I was delighted with the results produced last time, and I was more than happy to share the results with fellow Photography Life readers in this article.