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Nikon Z9 Wildlife Impressions: Libor Vaicenbacher

Just as children look forward to Christmas, many wildlife photographers in 2021 have also been focused on the end of the year. What’s causing all the buzz? It’s exactly the same as it is for the children: Wildlife photographers are looking forward to getting new toys.

Sony already had a gift for their users in the form of the A1 camera, which was announced back in January of 2021. Fans of Canon and Nikon have had to wait a bit longer but are now taking their first pre-orders for the Canon EOS R3 and Nikon Z9 cameras.

Most copies of the Nikon Z9 have not shipped quite yet, but luckily one demo copy of the Z9 arrived in the heart of Europe a few weeks ago. I had a chance to test it recently and will take a closer look at it in this article.


Nikon Z9 + 500 mm f/5.6 + 1.4x @ 700 mm, ISO 2000, 1/3200 second, f/8.0

Since my main photographic interest is bird photography, this first look will correspond to that genre. Don’t expect an in-depth review just yet, as you’re used to on Photography Life, bu