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How Was This Picture Made #01?

Going forward, we will be featuring the new “how was this picture taken” series articles, asking our readers to look at an image, analyze it and provide information on how they think the image was captured. When guessing, information could include such data as: approximate exposure variables (shutter speed, aperture and ISO), focal length, camera to subject distance, camera and lens used, what the gear was mounted on, post-processing techniques, composition, cropping, etc. This could be a fun exercise for our readers to practice with and we see it leading to all kinds of fun discussions.

The answer has been posted here.

After a short while, whoever posts the article from our team will post a follow-up article, revealing exactly how the picture was captured, with what gear and what was done to it in post-processing. We see this as a great opportunity to learn, since we will discuss specific techniques, gear and other important considerations that go through our minds when capturing images.

To start off the series, I am presenting this photo of the Milky Way, which I photographed a couple of days ago in San Juan Mountains of Colorado:

Milky Way Moonrise