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Start With Artistic Nude Photography

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

If you’ve never created nude photography, you might find this genre very intimidating.

There are some strict guidelines you have to keep in mind throughout your photo shoot. But you can make nude photography fun and creative experience for everyone involved.

Here’s how!

Create Your Own Version of Nude Photography to Develop Your Style

You can use regular portrait photography techniques to make your nude photography stand out. Shooting through mirrors, creating double exposures, and using special lens filters are all still acceptable in this genre.

Nude, or semi-nude, photography doesn’t have to look a specific way.

You can photograph your nude models from the shoulders up or take close-ups only. You can use dramatic light to cover up most of their body parts. Or you can do the complete opposite and go for soft lighting.

The key to this art form is knowing your style. Experiment with different lighting and posing techniques at your nude photo shoot. It’ll make it easier to have a creative shooting experience.

Make Sure the Location Is Warm

Every professional nude photographer has the same tip they share with everyone. Make sure your model is warm!

If you’re shooting outside, make sure the location is peaceful and has a spot where the model can change or warm up.

Indoors, make sure the heating is up. Have a robe nearby in case your model needs to take a break.

Ask Your Model for Feedback and Treat Them With Respect

It’s easy to feel vulnerable when you’re standing with a naked body in front of a stranger. To make your subject’s modeling experience easier, prioritize their comfort.

You can do this by asking them for feedback, showing them your photos, and giving them compliments. Make sure not to make them uncomfortable though.

If your model feels acknowledged and heard, they might share creative ideas of their own.

No matter what, treat your nude photography models with respect. You’re guaranteed to have a comfortable business relationship if you do.

Start With Limited Light to Make Your Model Feel More Comfortable