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How to Buy the Best Camera for Your Needs

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Quick question: what’s more complicated, buying a house or getting married? Answer: neither, it’s buying a camera! That’s right, and I wrote this guide because if you don’t go about it right, then one day you’ll realize you’ve made a horrible mistake and you’ll give up photography. Okay, that could be an exaggeration. The truth is, buying a camera is quite easy once you know a few essential details.

What to Look for in a Camera

People say all cameras are good these days, and that’s definitely more true than it’s ever been. Pretty much any camera made in the last few years can produce amazing pictures, and if you had to use a random camera, chances are you could make it work.


Panasonic G9 + Laowa 2X Macro @ 50mm, ISO 640, 1/200, f/4.5