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How to Avoid Crowds at Popular Destinations

We’ve all been there. You’re standing in front of an amazing landscape with the camera in your hands ready to take beautiful pictures but there’s one problem: there are hundreds of people surrounding you and obscuring the scene, making it difficult to capture a good-looking image.

With photographers becoming more and more eager to capture the so-called trophy shots that’s guaranteed to give you likes on social media, this is becoming a more normal scenario than what it once might have been. Places like Iceland, Lofoten and Pacific Northwest, amongst so many others, are continuing to grown in popularity amongst both photographers and non-photographers. So what can you do to avoid the crowds? That’s exactly what we’ll look at throughout this article.

Photograph While Others are Sleeping

The majority of non-photographer tourists have slightly different priorities than us photographers; there’s normally no stress in the morning and the day starts with a breakfast at the hotel. This is something you should be taking advantage of. Either it’s during night or sunrise, you should be out photographing while the tourists are still at the hotel.

Sure, if you’re photographing a location that’s popular amongst photographers, there will probably be some more people there but it’s still fewer than what it will be a couple hours later.