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Ideas for Beautiful Bridal Boudoir Photography

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Boudoir photography is about celebrating sensuality and giving your client a self-esteem boost. And what would be a better occasion to make a woman feel appreciated and confident than becoming a bride?

Wedding boudoir is getting more and more popular as it is a perfect gift for the bride or for her partner. Read our ten ideas to learn how to shoot stunning bridal boudoir photography.

Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni on Pexels

1. Use Props that Fit the Wedding’s Theme

Almost every wedding has a theme, colour or certain objects that appear everywhere at the celebration. Ask the bride about her wedding’s theme and prepare matching props.

You can include the wedding’s official colours or the type of flowers they chose. If the wedding takes place on a beach, you can add props like seashells or bottles filled with sand.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels

2. Include Wedding Accessories

A boudoir shoot can mimic a bride’s preparation for the big day. Include wedding accessories like the veil, a tiara or the wedding lingerie. You can also use pearls and the wedding shoes to make it feel more authentic.

3. Ask the Bride to Bring Her Wedding Night Lingerie

A bridal boudoir photo shoot is a perfect opportunity for capturing the wedding night lingerie. Brides often buy an expensive and unique lingerie set to impress their husbands. But there is a slim chance that the couple starts taking photos to eternalise the beautiful lingerie.

A bridal boudoir session can serve as a session focusing on the special lingerie. And the final photos can make an amazing wedding gift or birthday gift for the groom.

4. Shoot Outdoors to Make the Photos More Exciting

You don’t have to limit the location of the boudoir shoot to indoors. Go and take photos outdoors, on a balcony or at the beach.

You can make the photos more personal if you choose a location that has a special meaning for the couple. For example, the spot where they got